About Me

     My name is Emilie Street. I am a recent graduate of the University of Mississippi, graduating with a double major in Religious Studies and Public Policy Leadership. Over the years, I have been highly involved in the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi throughout both my high school and college experience. In deciding how I would spend my time after college, my hopes to stay involved with the church played a huge role in determining the outcome of this decision. Therefore, when I was invited to join the Young Adult Service Corps, I knew that this opportunity was going to be an important next step in my life. The Young Adult Service Corps is an Episcopal organization dedicated to recruiting young adults for international ministry and sending them out to experience what it means to spend a year of one’s life dedicated to Christ’s mission. During my time as a member of this organization, I will be serving in Tela, Honduras where I will teach in Espiritu Santo Episcopal School. 

     I'm not exactly sure what this next year will have in store for me, but I intend to use this blog to document my experiences and keep everyone updated on all of my challenges and accomplishments! 
     While I am incredibly excited about the year ahead, this experience will not be possible without your help. In order to do this, I need to raise $10,000 to help pay for this service mission. Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated. 

            How to Donate: 
             In order to donate, please visit:  gofundme.com/vwx6sc

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