Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Christmas Break

So computer is fixed (mostly) and the first grad school application is complete, so it's time to get back to blogging. I'm just going to give a little update on what I did over the break. First, we had a teacher's Christmas dinner the night before school ended for the break. At the dinner, we exchanged Secret Santa gifts, and I got some nice jewelry and a new watch. Also, Ms. Dinora and I did the "Taxi Dance" that we do each week at aerobics-- the song came on, so naturally we decided to demonstrate.

Teacher's Dinner. 

Secret Santa Gift Exchange! 

Performing the "Taxi Dance" with Ms. Dinora. 

Pictures from dinner with some of the people from aerobics class! 

A few days later, my parents came to visit! Our journey started in Tela, and we spent the first night there and travelled the majority of the next day to Roatan-- a beautiful island off the coast of Honduras, where we spent the next three days

We had a pretty traumatizing experience on the ferry over, but thankfully we arrived to a beautiful resort. We were the only people there at the time (and the first guests they ever had!), so we were treated like royalty. We spent the next three days in Roatan eating delicious food, drinking delicious drinks, and laying by the water. In particular, I was a fan of the air conditioning and comfortable bed. We shopped, swam, and snorkeled. Unfortunately we were only there for three full days, and we headed back to Tela to spend our last night there, where we ate at one of my favorite restaurants in Tela, the Bungalow.

We never managed to take a picture of the whole family, but here are a few other pictures of our trip!

Martin Street. Lover of all Banana Flavored Things. He had a Banana Daquiri the first night when we ate dinner in Tela! 

Some pictures of the resort where we stayed, Caribe Tesoro. The resort had just reopened and we were the first guests to stay there after the reopening! It was wonderful. The owner was also a gourmet chef and we had breakfast to order every morning, and had a delicious meal on our first night there! 

Christmas Day at Roatan! 

Another picture of our resort. 

West Bay. 

Our last night at one of my favorite restaurants in Tela-- the Bungalow. 

More updates to come!!